Monday, April 20, 2009

First Official......

Well I decided to switch my blogging over here. Using the .mac account is costly and not as user friendly as I would like. Hopefully this will be easier and less time consuming! So what is going on in our lives? Jeff is working on two big commercial deals. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for those to work out. Jeff is still coaching hockey, but he is currently in his off season. Ethan received two awards this trimester at school. One for integrity and the other for the Principal's honor roll. We are very proud of him! He is also playing soccer with ESL this spring. Rylyn is keeping us on our toes! She is so verbal and very opinionated already! She is always on the go. As for myself, well work is work. At this point I am penciled in to teach at El Toro HS next year. Let's all hope that changes! I don't know if I am ready for that leap yet. I am still playing volleyball at the Y, but now I play on Mondays and Thursdays. I also still play softball on Tuesdays. As a family we are adjusting to our new house. I am not sure I like the location but it is what it is. Ethan loves that their are kids to play with and Jeff loves the lower mortgage. Guess I should count my blessings! :)


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