Monday, July 27, 2009

Laguna Beach

On Sunday we spent the day at 1000 steps beach in Laguna Beach. Every year Jeff's Aunt and Uncle rent a beach house right on the corner of PCH and Cress. There entire family came down this year, including Meagan, Eric and their girls who live in Ohio. Ethan loves playing with all the girls. There are five of them, ranging in ages from 12 to 7. We played at the beach and had a wonderful BBQ in the evening. It really is a beautiful place!

Rylyn and her Daddy
Lounging in the Sand
Playing in the sand
E playing in the surf
Ry and her Opa
Ethan and Emily
All the kids together
Drinking Buddies

Friday, July 24, 2009

Two Years of Rylyn!

Crazy, Rylyn will be Two in Two weeks! Here are some of my favorite pictures of her starting from the most recent and going back to two weeks old! What a ride it has been!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Jessica Sprague

If you haven't discovered Jessica Sprague's site yet, check her out! I have been following her BLOG for over a year now. One Friday a month she devotes her post to what she calls Photoshop Friday. These are great tips and tricks for using Photoshop. She is a PRO! She also has wonderful editing, hybrid and digital scrapping classes. For her two year anniversary of her site and her amazing classes, she offered a free class for photo editing. It is a two week long course. I unfortunately was on vacation during the class, so I am doing it after the fact but here are examples of the masks, brushes, tints, and frame ups from the first five days.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Huge Fan!!!

Ok I am excited! I am going to see Harry Potter VI tomorrow and I can't wait! Yes I am a huge fan. So I had to do a shout out! If Ethan had been in town we would have been a couple of those nutty people in line at midnight last night! Photobucket